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to pack again. next up: indonesia

time to pack again. it's been a while since i went on a trip like this. 7 years since i traveled to indo. im filled with excitement but im also quit

nervous. from the trip in el salvador and the the car accident in the serpentine roads something has changed in me. i have a little bit more fear built inside me. a fear i never felt before. im scared of flying, im scared of taking a taxi, im scared when someone else is driving, the thought of driving around on a scooter in indo i try not to think about. there will many walls broken down on this trip, (never been this prepared with my packing and getting first aid stuff).

but im excited to surf im feeling good about my surf equipment, got a few really cool boards from polen surfboards, ready to go. will talk a little bit more about the models and so on in a later article. i have people and companies supporting me through out this trip, bikini overload which is the best kine of overload. one for every surf almost. no need to bring underwear that's for sure. im so excited to meet up with old friends my best friends actually, best friends from two different chapters in my life. just the thought of catching up with these ladies again fills me up with joy.

so it's not all bad. it's fear. there is a lot of joyful moments to look forward to.

what i've packed

surf equipment:

- 5'3 model: little devil (polen surfboards) with MR twinfin setup with the little trailer, for fun and small waves (i'll smurf small waves everyday all day if i could)

- 5'4 model: defrag (polen surfboards) thumb tail, a regular day to day little shreddstick, (yoking i don't really shred)

- 5'6. model: slang (polen surfboards) pin tail, hopefully i will gett one or two coverups on this one..

- plenty of leashes, cred to Surfskolan in varberg for hooking me up with som epic ryd brand global gear.

- fins of all kine

-blocks of wax

- solar resin (prepared for the dings)


-all kines of hats


-3,2 short-leg long-sleeve wetsuit, manera (my number one favorite)

-bikini suit, manera

first aid:

-peppermint oil

-clove oil

-oregano oil

-tee tree oil

-lemon oil

-eqalyptus oil


-distilled water


-reef freindly waterproof sun screen (thank you skin plan, a gifted product that im super excited to try)

ALSO an important announcement i will be trying out some "air tags" on all my laggage. as all airports are going through some kind of crises i decided to invest in some air tags to actually track my laggage myself. super excited to see how they work. think im gonna put a couple in my surf bag, one in my passport and in my hand-laggage. ain't no airline or airport gonna lose my bag. that's for sure.

i will go with flow

im prepared

filled with excitement

choosing courage

sanna x

ps. here is a clip from my trip in el salvador

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Jul 04, 2022

Have fun!

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