Natural Nature

The most amazing thing about Hawaii is your so close to nature. If you want you could survive living of the nature. Nothing more organic and true as a fruit from the garden. It's different, it taste a little bit different from the good we eat from the supermarket, it looks a little bit strange, it comes in different sizes and forms. But you know what that's just how natural nature works.

In order  for us to change the food chains we first have to start changing our mindsets about what a perfect for example fruit is. 

Is it the 10 perfectly round oranges bought from the closest foodstore.  They all have the most tastiest balance between sour.  The best thing about them they barley never get old. 

Or is it the 10 oval/bumpy/kind of circular oranges. Taken from the tree in the garden. They have a variation of sweetness, bitterness and sourness some of them are super sweet and some of them are sour. These oranges go old.  

Perfect vs perfect 

Healthy vs Healthy 

Natural vs Natural

Which oranges would win? 

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