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Back in the country of my roots.  Hawaii-Stockholm  The best thing about jetlags are the early morning philosophy's. These were some of the things I was thinking about this morning. ~deep but exciting~ Are you living your life like you want or how people in your life like you to live? If your life would end tomorrow would you be happy with where you are right now? Including the friends around you, the situations between every relationship in your life, the random people you interact with this morning, the check offs on your "life goal list", your mental state of attitude or the exact location you call home right now...   Maybe these thoughts are poping up in my head because one of my newest but I must say most inspirieing friends recently passed away chasing his dream. I never really experienced that of a close forever goodbye before. It hurts and it feels surreal, the time we spent together now feels like a dream. But what feels good is that I know this man was satisfied with everything that was going on in his life and he had so much enthusiasm and grace in the way he lived. He was one of the most humbled people I've ever met and all the knowledge he stored through out his life he had no doubts to share. The more he could teach what he knew the more excitement for him . Such a beautiful thing to observe and be a part of. With my hand on my heart and the glory for god I must say that I know I bumped in to him [you Dean] for a reason and a reminder that we should never say no to life and never ever say no to share what ever we have on our shelf or experience bank. The more we give the more fulfilled you will feel. Thank you for all the moments we shared So how do we get to this point of feeling fulfilled? It's such a broad and up and down kind of road? It's like a never ending roller coaster? It defiantly start with your state within. It's something that our new generation I must say is amazingly aware of. Loving yourself like you are is the most important thing! But it's not wrong to know that you have more to give and that you can do much better. So the key is How I like to see it is ~ If you don't enjoy the journey, change destination ~ or ~ If you don't like the title of the book your reading, you probably won't like the story~ Enjoying every chapter, every page, every word, every question mark, explanation mark and every dot in your book is so important! And if you could encourage even more people to write there book with more love, excitement, enthusiasm and understanding. That's even better! Let other people inspirer you and let yourself inspire others! Let the person that inspire you the most be your self even! It's not a bad thing! Being the best version of yourself at all times is actually so super possible! It might variate from day to day depending on the amount of sleep, diet and what ever else that happen from yesterday! But don't let it bring you down let it bring you up! If you fail in/at something it doesn't mean is not for you it means that you getting closer to where you want to be! You're building experience sometimes you learn the hard way sometimes you learn the smart way. Important to remember here is no matter what way it doesn't make you a dumber or smarter person! Be humbled and go with flow! Never forget to just keep going! So with that if there is anything that you feel like you're not doing for you. Change your attitude or perspective about it. Try something new as in production wise or just completely change book or ticket. There is nothing in this world that involves around the words HAVE, SHOULD or MUST to reach to where you want to be. Have faith and follow what ever excites you and I promise that's when you will feel like you. GO GO GO +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 

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