Fotografiska Museum + Stockholm by boat

If you ever happen to end up in Stockholm wondering what to do The Fotografiska Museum is defiantly worth checking out. They have a beautiful set up and amazing photos. They choose their photographer carefully and you always walk out with a little bit of life inspiration. Its amazing to back and remember relationships. People you known your whole life but sort of have to get to know again. I love it. I love how we change within the more we explore. How we change directions in life depending on what our life goals are. How life takes turns just because we figuring out what we actually want and want to become. So amazing. If you ever catch yourself taking things or actually lets say life for granted. Stop yourself. Think again. Being grateful for everything around you no matter what circumstances is one of the things I really worked on lately. Why? Life is temporally you never know what's going to happen and by that I am not talking about death. Its more about situations, locations and relations. Appreciating the friends and family around you. The place you live in and everything in between. You never know when your next life chapter is going to start so enjoy every single minute of it. Be grateful for every experience it give you, and most of all never be scared of letting go of what's behind you to be able to walk in this world with open doors.

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