Equality [ih-kwol-i-tee] noun, plural equalities. 1. The state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability: promoting equality of opportunity in the workplace. 2. Uniform character, as of motion or surface. 3. Mathematics. a statement that two quantities are equal; equation.

We live in world when everything is focused towards equality. Everything should be even and people should be treated the same.

The question is where in the society does it come to place. On paper we are almost there, when we act in groups, but what about in our outside life's? What about the "one man show" we all play.

Do we treat our closest family member the same as a complete stranger?

Would it matter if our little brother or if a homeless asked for money?

What if you mother called asked you too buy bananas on the way home would you buy them?

Would you wash the dishes if the person you looked up to the most cooked you dinner ? and also would you do it for your friend?

What if you could put money in to donation for people starving to death? The questions are many.

We bump into them every day. If you ever feel stuck in your own thoughts about if you should give or not? If you should do or don't? Random acts of kindness, anonymous gifts and sharing your knowledge is a few things we can act of that hasn't got to do with anything close to what equal is defined in our domesticated life's. Its made up for us to distracted and misguided. I believe if we all looked within and asked our deepest self's if there's such a thing as equal? The answers would be no.

Imagine you were in a middle of a situation of where you could save someone life buy just reaching out a hand [you would have no chance of risking your own life] would you? I'll assume you would. Now imagine the same situation but now your life would be in danger too if you did decide to reach out you hand would you? I will never forget the day when these thoughts popped up in my head. Everything that I have ever believed about equality being a good thing just exploded and disappeared. If you ever risked your own life for someone else you could probably relate to my thoughts. But if you haven't you are probably finding it hard to see the point.

When the deeper understanding of how you act in your "one man show" comes to you it hits you hard. You will understand that you matter as much as the complete stranger, the homeless guy, your little brother, the starving people around the world, your mother, the star of your life or friend. If you want to believe that everyone is equal or no one is it's up to you. But if you haven't asked yourself before if it's a equal world you want to live in or in a world where we care about each other no matter what? Please do, and then think again. xoxo

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