Minimalism.. what is that? Or in other words what is things? What is all this stuff that we have to have to function? What are the things we need in our life? Have you ever thought about how many things you have and how many things you actually need? We live in a world where a constant thought of "if I only had this I would be able to this". The truth is we don't need everything that we we think we do.. obviously there's things that make our life easier in certain ways. Like having a car, wooden tooth brush, coconut oil, surfboard, camera, wears, zink or a wetsuit. This is things that I love to have in my life, things that has a big function in my life. Sometimes I live without any of these things, and it's not a big deal! The last 8 months I lived without a car and I've been doing just fine! Sometimes I borrow one but most times I catch a ride with someone. Life could be simple if we want it to be. Don't let material things control you. Limit your luggage in your back pack or in your apartment or house. You only need one wook pan...Why own 10 pairs of shoes? Why be constantly updated with the lates technology? Why ? What are the things that you actually need in your life and why do you need them? Have they got an actual function?  

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