When frustration becomes performance

For a long time now I've been thinking that thoughts that comes from frustration is all bad. Like whenever I feel frustrated I have to start a little thought war in my brain to chase the frustration away. 

The other day I read and listen to some stuff from a wise little man called Jeff Foster (check him out). In his world "negative" thoughts and feelings are as welcome as "positive" thoughts. 

We are all humans and have thoughts and feelings reappearing in certain patterns. Depending on the situation familiar feelings and thoughts will occur. Today I was feeling super frustrated and unconsciously started my little brain war to chase it away. But in the middle of the war I stop myself. 

I thought of ways where I could use it for the good. It ended up being in performance. My frustration turned quickly in to focus and awareness and out came performance. 

And I just repeated that pattern instead and my performance for me in that moment rurned turned to perfection. 

So whenever you catch yourself having "nagtive" thoughts think again. Ask your self, In what way can I use this feeling or thought as tool for the good? Where is

It coming from and how can I express

It in the most effective way? 

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