So it goes

The other day I realised how fast a life chapter can end and move on to the next. We changing pages everyday no matter what, we can't pause the book of life. We have to read every page carefully and pay attention to every detail. So when the next chapter comes we take the knowledge what we learnt from our previous chapters to understand the moment we're in. Everything happens for a reason, everything happens in it's order and most importantly everything is working out perfectly. If we learn and accept that there are no problems in life only situations, and with situations comes experience that will lead us to find growth in everything. We all read our book of life differently and it's up to us how we agree with our destiny. We can always ask for guidance but that is based on experience from someone else's past and we can always ask for help to prepare for what's coming but no one can be apart of your present because everyone is in their own. In other words don't plan to much because it's already planed for you. Take it as it comes and it will give you more value. The more present you are the more experience you attract . Live every moment to its full appreciation and a lot more will come.  

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