Q's no A's

Why say no to love? Why take love personal rather then accepting the fact that is all around us? What scares us from expressing and sharing our selfs? Are we scared to fall and not be able to stand up again? Or are we just scared to fall? Do we forget that the worst case scenario usually isn't that bad? Are we getting in our own way from unknown experiences? If we keep on a path with familiar experiences will we still grow? Is the unknown what we like or not like? Is it what we want or don't want? What we know or don't know? Can we grow together or is it just up to our selfs? Is time related to our past and future? Or does time is just a matter of now? What takes part of our limitations? And are those parts relevant or do we just think they are? Does things happen cause they meant to happen? Or is that just an excuse from pushing our limits? Do we have one purpose or more? Can we be masters of many? Are we on a constant search for our selfs or are we in every step we take creating our selfs? Can just one person make a difference? What is different what is normal? Should we look within or without? Who knows ? And who is who?  

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