Fly high in those little pink clouds up there

The act of responsibility, acting with or without responsibility? Moving forward with actions that matters. 

8 months ago I left a place I thought would be my home for the rest of my life, or at the time that was my only aim in the game of life at least. I was so close to have everything I ever wanted but lost it all. Had about two weeks to make it look like I was ever there. I had to cancel my lease on house, sell my car, sell furnitures, clothes, bikes, surfboards.. The list is long. The hardest part was to say goodbye. To people that made such a great  impact in your life without even knowing. Say goodbye to places tha memories will be kept forever & say goodbye to the dream.  Looking back dealt with the situation way better then what I felt about it. But something in me said "it's all happening for the better" so that's what kept me level headed and it also  gave me a big kick in the butt, plans always change and what ever you do don't get  attached to anything, thoughts, plans, feelings, places, hobbys, people, material things. To appreciate the real value you have to appreciate from within.

I left to move as far way from any landmas

as I could. In the middle of the pacific.

And now I understand. It took me time to realize the what I had as a dream just a month ago is no longer valid. It's time to creat a new one! And it's so exciting! For some reason somewhere in the middle of visa paper and underpaid working hours I forgot how to dream. How real dreams a formed! I was so focused and attached to a dream the made so much sense, when dreams never really should make sense! Dreams are there to push you into directions you never thought was possible! Dreaming big is important and I am so grateful to be where I am today dreaming without limits. Looking at the future with a waving tail. On a mission for more challenges experience and growth! Today I am ready to take on responsibility again and I will try my hardest to remember what real dreams are made of. 

Peace out bruthas and sistahs 


A breath of release 

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